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My son is in the best hands

Wyzant has so many people to choose from I absolutely feel like our son is in he best hands with kieno he is the perfect fit for him patient, kind, and a great teacher

— Kasabre

4 lessons with Kieno
Knowledge and Experience

Kieno has done a great job helping me prepare for the Naval OAR Exam. I understand things that I didn’t before because he takes the time to explain complex subjects such as math or mechanical comprehension. I look forward to future tutoring sessions with Kieno.

— Bryan

3 lessons with Kieno
Knowledgeable and patient

We worked on Distance problems as well as fraction and proportion question he showed me couple of tips on how to resolve this kind of problems in the shortest amount of time.

— Jordan

5 lessons with Kieno
Most knowledgeable.

The best out there! If you need to prepare for a military exam, this is the guy to go to. Will work at your speed. Willing to take all necessary measures to ensure your success.

— Jay

2 lessons with Kieno

Kieno transfers his confidence to you. Where you are weak he will make strong. I’m looking forward to a flight contract and more confident than ever that this dream will become a reality.

— William

7 lessons with Kieno
Math Knowledge and AFOQT

I’m preparing for the AFOQT and Kieno is helping me make sense of it all. I underestimated how complicated the subject of the test could be and did not prepare enough for my first attempt. In just 1 meetings, he helped me tremendously. This is a miracle because without him I’m sure I wouldn’t understand the math portion like I do now. I would never have been able to do this on my own! He also helping me with my upcoming AFOQT retake , which is just around the corner. What a lifesaver! I plan on meeting with him regularly from here on out. Not only is he very knowledgeable he’s lives the goal I’m trying to reach , he has a way of explaining things in as many ways as it takes for one to understand the concepts at hand. Also, he is very encouraging and patient. I highly recommend him as a tutor!

— Ryan

2 lessons with Kieno
Amazing Tutor

Kieno is an amazing tutor. With just one lesson I understand math so much better. He has a way of making it simple & easier to understand. The best part is he’s not only helping me in math but he is helping me with each section on the test. I look forward to our future lessons. I highly recommend him to anyone.

— Sharlene

5 lessons with Kieno
A Math Wizard

I really liked how Kieno explained to me in details on how, why and when you’re going to use the rules of the maths to solve a problem. Even when you’re confused while he’s explaining to you the excercise, he use the analogy for you to understand more and be clarified. This is what I was looking for!!! If you’re looking for someone who wants to explain to you Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus or any Math materials from A to Z, he’s the man.

— Joao

21 lessons with Kieno